ceindreadh (ceindreadh) wrote,

Today went a little bit like this.

13.15 sat down at my desk to eat some sandwiches
13.30 felt a crack in my mouth and spat out a piece of a tooth (my tooth, not a foreign one in the sandwich)
13.35 phoned the dentist who said they'd had a 2pm cancellation and could I make it for then.
13.40 sent email to the boss to say I'd be gone for an hour
13.45 ran out the door of the office.
13.55 ran in the door of the dentist
14.10 to 14.40 - got myself the beginnings of a root canal that I'd been 'promised' for a few weeks but wasn't planning on getting done immediately.
14.45 was disowned by my credit card when I told it how much the root canal was going to be.
14.55 back at work, mouth still numb.
so how was *your* day.

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