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From Twitter 04-28-2011

  • 07:50:22: Doubt it, he's LAPD, no reason he'd be cleared for M-TAC RT @AymieJoi: Is Renko on the Eye List? #NCIS #NCISLA
  • 07:54:08: He's in the cast list and a promo pic for the next eps. But I want him back next season as well! RT @mathgeekl… (cont) http://deck.ly/~szlGS
  • 13:55:50: RT @silvertales: Wow... there are nearly 200 people DEAD and thousands in need of HELP, WHO CARES about Hollywood contracts today?!
  • 20:30:19: RT @SammiBlossom: Chocolate is Gods way of saying, "Just relax, enjoy, have a free oral gasm." *dies* I love chocolate.
  • 23:02:56: @AymieJoi no, Renko is definitely LAPD not #ncis . He appeared in the original spinoff eps but was in LA the whole time.
  • 23:08:06: @AymieJoi I remember watching Hand2Hand and the scene where Hetty says "we already have a liaison" and thinking "does she mean Renko"
  • 23:08:19: @AymieJoi I guess I'll have to rewatch some of his eps
  • 23:08:47: @AymieJoi heh, great minds! Not sure if I have a copy of legend though. Let me know what you find!
  • 23:09:31: @AymieJoi it was the #ncisla ep where Deeks first shows up and Hetty offers him the job
  • 23:09:36: @AymieJoi cool, thanks!

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