ceindreadh (ceindreadh) wrote,

From Twitter 04-27-2011

  • 08:02:26: @mathgeekliz don't think so. #EricChristianOlsen 's character was already inside working out when Kensi showed up.
  • 08:06:26: @GlamorousAngel #ncisla s1 eps with #EricChristianOlsen in them are soooo worth the wait!
  • 13:03:50: RT @JustJeanette: @BrianDietzen won't ask for spoilers. Just wishing you a great hiatus and look forward to seeing Jimmy in Season 9
  • 13:04:06: RT @Its_Death: Twitter's like a bunch of roses. Lovely to look at but one prick can ruin your day.
  • 13:05:28: RT @bullyinguk: Will you take a stand against Bullying by retweeting this message? #StopBullying
  • 21:07:53: RT @Joan_Rivers: I just saw the guest list and the Royal Wedding will be jam-packed with European nobility. It has more blue blood than ...

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