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Am I the only person in Ireland who doesn't like pubs?

Went to yet another 'leaving' party today. That's the third of three people who've jumped ship in the last few months.
Started off with a few drinks (no problem, the pub wasn't too crowded/smoky/noisy), followed by a Chinese meal. Mega excellent food (Chicken Szechan with noodles)
And then of course we *had* to go for drinks afterward. And we ended up in a place with the music blaring, so crowded that we had to stand and get jostled by people walking past, and so smoky that even now back at home, my eyes are still stinging.

Still, at least once these anti-smoking laws come into force that'll be one less bad point about pubs.
But why is it more or less expected that a person should *want* to go out and have a few drinks on regular occasions?
Even in College I was never into the pub scene.
Am I an abnormality among the Irish population?

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