ceindreadh (ceindreadh) wrote,

From Twitter 04-11-2011

  • 07:49:44: RT @suuz93: @BarrettFoa, @DanielaRuah, @ericcolsen is Linda Hunt really leaving NCISLA =(? Please tell she isn't. Hetty belongs on the team!
  • 07:49:52: RT @The_OSP: From all of us NOT liking the rumours about cast changes: #saveourNCISLA #saveourNCISLA #saveourNCISLA #NCISLA http://ncisl ...
  • 13:02:34: RT @gavreilly: Be warned: there's a relatively legitimate-looking Revenue hoax email going around. "Calculate Now Your 2011 Irish Taxes" ...
  • 13:03:37: RT @CdeBOfficial: Man goes into a betting shop."Can I back a horse in here?".."Yes sir,you can."..."Come on in then, horsey,over here, b ...
  • 14:52:52: Hailstones in Dublin? WTF, wasn't the sun shining 5 mins ago?
  • 18:08:37: @lovepeacebird @NCIS_NCISLA think it was David McCallum voiced the baby doll
  • 19:14:26: one of my cousins was interviewed by CharlieBird, might be on his antarctic documentary tonight/next week
  • 19:15:37: @RFLong heh, UCG maths professors recreated the COF quad dash for a maths video, with hilarious results <G>
  • 20:45:28: @Beckybam dare I ask why no TV/movies?
  • 21:03:13: Yep, Mad Maths 2, surprized it's never shown up on you tube! @wyvernfriend @RFLong that was for Mad Maths 2 wasn't it?

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