ceindreadh (ceindreadh) wrote,

From Twitter 04-09-2011

  • 11:19:16: @wyvernfriend me too!
  • 12:25:47: just spent 15 mins looking for a printout, afraid I'd shredded it, then finally found it in the photocopier, phew!
  • 14:47:50: RT @boards_ie: If you or someone you know works on ThinkIrish.ie or FarmersJournal.ie, could you contact darragh@boards.ie please? Urgen ...
  • 20:37:11: @KenziDeeks totally agree with you.
  • 20:40:50: me 3! wouldn't be the same without Hetty&Deeks RT @sailorlaalaa: @SammiBlossom Agreed!!!! No Hetty but Keep Nell, No #NCISLA for me!
  • 20:44:20: @EttieSquido @sailorlaalaa @SammiBlossom oh no, there's been no news like that, just that you don't get Deeks & Hetty without Hetty!
  • 20:46:03: @EttieSquido didn't mean to scare you! hopefully Deeks will stick around for a long time to come
  • 20:49:43: @EttieSquido heh, no worries. Deeks & Hetty are my 2 faves, so I really want them both on the show next year
  • 20:52:30: @sailorlaalaa:@SammiBlossom @EttieSquido heh, would really like to see Renko and Deeks in same episode.
  • 20:54:03: @sailorlaalaa @SammiBlossom @EttieSquido question is, would Renko treat Deeks the same way rest of LAPD does?
  • 21:55:39: blech, they'd better not lose Hetty from #ncisla RT @NCISLA_CBS: BIG #NCISLA CASTING NEWS! http://bit.ly/hbIbtI

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