ceindreadh (ceindreadh) wrote,

From Twitter 04-07-2011

  • 13:02:01: RT @Quotes4Writers: "Writer's block: when your imaginary friends won't talk to you." Anonymous
  • 21:00:02: So after a week of trying to get my broadband fixed (and Vodafone saying there wasn't a problem) they *now* tell me it could be the router.
  • 21:00:41: (luckily I'd got a mobile broadband usb thingy a few weeks ago, but I'm tempted to just cancel the damn contract already)
  • 21:06:52: RT @MrsStephenFry: Why did the chicken cross the playground? To get to the other slide.
  • 22:43:31: RT @MrsStephenFry: LATEST: Box of toilet rolls stolen from Craggy Island housekeeper. Police say they've got nothing to go on, go on, go ...
  • 23:42:31: @sylumducky tweetdeck is cool!
  • 23:43:52: @sylumducky I find it good for catching up with tweets after I've been offline for a while
  • 23:48:34: @sylumducky what fandom is this?
  • 23:51:12: @sylumducky ah, ok, can't help you there <g>
  • 23:52:27: @sylumducky I like the books, just never felt the need to look for fanfic!

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