ceindreadh (ceindreadh) wrote,

From Twitter 04-02-2011

  • 00:03:20: RT @The_OSP: @BarrettFoa So happy that we'll finally get to see Eric outside the Ops room in the next episode! :D #NCISLA 2x21 Rocket Man
  • 00:05:23: @iamwintermute Think i'm going to sign up as well...maybe *this* year I'll actually get one finished...or started!
  • 00:09:23: @iamwintermute well I have an NCIS LA plot bunny that could take at least 10k words
  • 00:44:00: @iamwintermute it was easier in Uni, I had waaaay less junk then!
  • 12:37:40: actually they're paid cents'RT @jimmycarr: Primark is called Penneys in Ireland. Because that’s what the people making the clothes are paid

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