ceindreadh (ceindreadh) wrote,

So one of the guys at work is buying himself a computer from Dell and I'm looking at the specs and getting real envious. We're talking 60G hard drive, 256RAM, 15" flat screen, DVD/CD-RW drive, free delivery and all for only 85 a month for a year. Grrr, unfortunately the offer ended yesterday and I really didn't want to jump into it that quickly. But now it's got me thinking that maybe it's time for an upgrade. Not that I'm unhappy with this PC. it's served me well, and I don't know what I'd have done without it. But the hard drive is looking a heck of a lot fuller than it was a few years ago and I'll have to do something soon or I'll run out of space.

Of course my main concern (after the cost of a new PC), is how to transfer my files from old to new. Any advice I've gotten so far has been along the lines of "oh yeah, just take the hard drive out of the old one, plug it into the new one and copy the stuff over. No problem"

no problem that is, except for the fact that I *hate* the idea of opening up one PC, let alone two. Heck, it took me ages to get up the nerve to install the DVD/CD-RW drive, and I only ended up doing it myself because I was too stingy to pay PC World to do it. (plus I didn't want to be without the PC for too long)

Anyway, anybody know a simple way to do it?

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