ceindreadh (ceindreadh) wrote,

From Twitter 03-28-2011

  • 13:44:20: RT @Save_IantoJones: #GDL Happy 30th Birthday! We hope you have a wonderful year and all of your dreams come true!
  • 19:51:11: are they pulling him out or pushing him in! RT @andysound: #ncisla @ericcolsen going fishin @ Echo Park Lake http://bit.ly/gLnMnu
  • 19:55:31: @ForeverVicki actually, re NCIS LA, they may have added 2, but they did lose Dom and Nate, just saying is all.
  • 23:16:21: only good thing is, S2 DVDs! RT @The_OSP: Tuesday May 17th... The day LIFE AS WE KNOW IT ENDS. D: #NCISLA #NCIS
  • 23:19:13: seconded! RT @The_OSP: @effie214 Yes, Twitter rewatches ftw!
  • 23:23:41: @The_OSP awesome!
  • 23:24:20: @The_OSP I have S1, but I waited until it had dropped in price. S2, I will be getting as soon as they're available!
  • 23:24:43: @The_OSP commentaries/extras would be an added bonus (even if I have to get R1 versions)
  • 23:38:47: @frngbl oh no, not at all! just meant that we can't get DVD's until S2 is over, so it's the only good thing about the finale being so close
  • 23:39:16: @frngbl most of the TV sites around have #ncisla listed as a 'sure thing' for renewal, so fingers crossed!
  • 23:46:05: Heh, congrats! This mean you'll be running for election some day? RT @ericcolsen: This is something I'm irrat… (cont) http://deck.ly/~6yBao

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