ceindreadh (ceindreadh) wrote,

From Twitter 03-25-2011

  • 10:04:58: @JetGibbs I will of course. Good news is, I found the CCard statements they want, so I don't have to wait for the ones I'd ordered.
  • 13:54:33: RT @DaffodilDay: Today's #color is yellow - it's #daffodilday all over Ireland!
  • 13:54:36: RT @thisisio: It's #daffodilday - so buy a daffodil for @IrishCancerSoc / @DaffodilDay
  • 13:54:59: RT @DeathStarPR: LOL, OMG and FYI have been added to the Oxford English Dictionary. Somewhere in 1596, Shakespeare begins to weep inexpl ...
  • 13:55:24: RT @AllanCavanagh: What does "Níl fhios agam" mean? #citizenshiptest
  • 16:35:54: teaching my boss how to walk on an injured foot using only one crutch #that'snotinmyjobdescription
  • 21:50:15: RT @InTeensMind: RT IF YOU HAVE EVER Waited until 12:00a.m. to say "Happybirthday" to a close friend.#InTeensMind

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