ceindreadh (ceindreadh) wrote,

From Twitter 03-23-2011

  • 00:02:35: and when is *not* good? can't wait! RT @DanielaRuah: Don't miss a new ep of NCIS LA on CBS tonight at 9pm! Its gonna be gooood...
  • 00:27:50: double on left @ericcolsen on right? RT @DanielaRuah: #ncisla @ericcolsen & stunt double. Who's who?! http://bit.ly/dRCLpk
  • 14:28:30: RT @stephenfry: RIP Dame Elizabeth Taylor, surely the last of a breed...
  • 17:09:47: RT @wyvernfriend: RT @Garrai @wyvernfriend Marcus Thornton ar an seó anocht :) <-my dad on TG4 at 8:30 tonight!
  • 18:46:02: I love my job, I just hate the shitloads of paperwork required for some parts of it.
  • 21:31:07: This is soooo cute! http://FunnyOrDie.com/m/5blx
  • 21:31:56: @Robotdays I figured that Nell ran the program on people where she already knew their allegiance as a benchmark test #ncisla
  • 21:40:44: That's showbusiness for you! Say hi to your parents from me. RT @wyvernfriend: Many many hours of filming and it was pretty short really.
  • 21:41:19: @SineadR He's just back on now.
  • 21:42:54: @BoyGeorge good for you!
  • 23:09:26: RT @TheGivingGirl: @ericcolsen The best kind of job is the one where you get to jump on a trampoline and get paid for it.
  • 23:10:35: Or birthday suit, would be good! RT @robotdays: @CurlyKerryLee I wonder if we could persuade the #ncisla writers to put him in a bunny suit.
  • 23:11:39: @Robotdays What (she asked innocently) ;-)
  • 23:12:00: @Robotdays you should watch Fired up!
  • 23:25:35: RT @GreySkyThinking: Do you having trouble getting to sleep? Just reach over to your alarm clock and press snooze.

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