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From Twitter 03-21-2011

  • 00:47:32: @frngbl "bring it on like Donkey Kong"
  • 00:50:06: @frngbl heh, it's a nintendo game from years ago! Am wondering if Deeks will be any better than Callen at winning against Hetty!
  • 00:52:49: @frngbl I actually meant on the firing range - promo makes it look like they're competing - but Deeks in climbing gear would be fun too!
  • 00:55:32: @frngbl *any* dialogues between Deeks and Hetty on #ncisla are good!
  • 00:57:03: @frngbl I think i've lost count of how many times I've watched the Hetty & Deeks scenes in Hand to Hand/Human Traffic/Personal!
  • 00:58:09: @frngbl that's for sure! I would *love* to hear the two do an episode commentary together.
  • 18:46:42: RT @GeorgeTakei: On this Nat'l Alien Abduction Day, I remind non-humans of the Prime Directive and demand cavity probes be strictly volu ...
  • 22:13:37: RT @gunnersaurus4: @llcoolj Sian O'Callaghan, who is from the Swindon is missing, was last seen leaving the Suju club on Friday. Help fi ...
  • 22:15:12: RT @InTeensMind: Single isn't a status. It's a word that describes a person who's strong enough to enjoy life without depending on other ...
  • 22:38:28: @EmeraldMagick hey there!
  • 22:55:52: think I'd rather Deeks out of a suit...and everything else, bwahhaa! RT @dearGoditsTess: @ericcolsen Deeks in a suit... Can't wait!
  • 23:08:41: @KenziDeeks there's a previous address and the name of a person who knew him there...not that I've spent a lot of time examining screencaps!
  • 23:09:02: @EmeraldMagick sure I'm grand, busy at work - which is good for inspiration! And you?
  • 23:12:03: @KenziDeeks I've tended to go with the theory that he used his own DOB for Jason Wyler (which happens to be ECO's brother's DOB!)
  • 23:13:48: @KenziDeeks you mean with Personal?
  • 23:14:21: @EmeraldMagick SN?
  • 23:15:53: @KenziDeeks you mean in terms of the contradiction between Deeks's story in Borderline?
  • 23:17:48: @EmeraldMagick same way as 'Kendra' - it's intended as an approximate Gaelicization of it
  • 23:20:23: RT @Kenneth1968: Demand that Apple remove "ex-gay" iPhone app http://t.co/Ho6yF3V via @change PLeaseRT @boygeorge
  • 23:21:52: @ericcolsen looks supercool!
  • 23:26:11: @EmeraldMagick thanks. I wanted something original..or as original as it gets on the net!
  • 23:50:09: @EmeraldMagick not that I know of, but my celtic history isn't as strong as it should be (hangs head in shame)
  • 23:54:38: RT @SammiBlossom: @ericcolsen what has been your favorite moment so far working on ncisla?

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