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From Twitter 03-19-2011

  • 01:18:26: RT @Quotealicious: You can't say the letter 'M' without your lips touching... RT if you just tried. ;) #Quotealicious
  • 01:23:51: Or else start working out a bit ;-) RT @KenziDeeks: If your azz crack is going to show PULL UP YOUR @#$%&* PANTS or put on panties
  • 03:14:47: @EmeraldMagick should try #ncisla sometime, I'm enjoying it a lot more than the original!
  • 03:17:45: @EmeraldMagick maybe there'll be another crossover some day (I really want to see Gibbs try to intimidate Hetty <vbeg>)
  • 03:21:41: @EmeraldMagick tempting, very tempting! I can just see Gibbs wondering who to headslap first, DiNozzo or Deeks!
  • 03:25:14: @EmeraldMagick heh, I will! Hmm, now why would Gibbs's team end up in LA? (puts on plot bunny slippers)
  • 03:28:54: @EmeraldMagick I have been on a major NCISLA fic spree over the last few weeks. Wrote 3 x post ep fics for ep 17, and have 2 more on the go
  • 03:31:26: @EmeraldMagick I'm just happy that I've got my fic mojo back. I wish I could get as enthusiastic about NCIS though.
  • 03:34:20: @EmeraldMagick because Tony was my favourite character until they started dumbing him down so much. Right now, I watch mainly for Jimmy.
  • 03:37:13: @EmeraldMagick Yeah. It seems like so many eps would build Tony up, only to knock him down, and I hated it. There has been an improvment 1/2
  • 03:37:41: @EmeraldMagick in recent eps, so here's hoping it's not just a temporary improvement.
  • 03:38:19: @EmeraldMagick at least on ncisla, while Deeks (my current fave) may be the butt of the jokes, he get his chance to shine as well.
  • 21:32:07: RT @GreySkyThinking: We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars. I think I'd better join a different astronomy club.
  • 22:32:47: RT @The_OSP: #NCISLA Join the Remix 2011 fanfic challenge! Details at the forum: http://bit.ly/hsGc9j
  • 23:02:19: RT @The_OSP: Need more #NCISLA ficcers 4 Remix fic-swap. Signup deadline TODAY! http://ncisla.freeforums.org/remix-2011-calling-all-fic- ...

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