ceindreadh (ceindreadh) wrote,

From Twitter 03-18-2011

  • 00:36:03: Yay for having a day off midweek, boo because I'm not totally out of sync with what day it *should* be.
  • 00:36:32: Half wishing I'd taken a day of annual leave for Friday, but I've just too much work to get finished to even think about it.
  • 10:32:18: @RFLong heh, well I'm at work,physically anyway! Methinks there's going to be a lot of data entry done which doesn't need much conentration!
  • 12:42:01: RT @wyvernfriend: Why is it acceptable to stripmine and abuse my culture but offensive to do so to others? #paddynotpatty #irishromance ...
  • 15:07:51: @wyvernfriend you're stuck being sober until Wednesday? (or was my leaving cert irish a waste of time :-)
  • 18:00:33: @petercambor @frngbl dude, no way are you older than the EU ;-)
  • 18:00:58: RT @Its_Death: What's E.T. short for? Because he's got little legs.
  • 20:43:38: in English or Russian? <g> RT @julezkoolz: I had a dream I was playing Scrabble with @ericcolsen :P
  • 20:44:13: RT @Robotdays: @ForeverVicki we should start some kind of "@ericcolsen isn't following us" support group. Like in Fight Club.

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