ceindreadh (ceindreadh) wrote,

From Twitter 03-16-2011

  • 00:21:02: RT @GeorgeTakei: In this crisis, we are all Japanese. Please watch and RT this message. Thank you. http://ow.ly/4fhpO
  • 10:13:54: RT @alex_annn: I can be a fan of #Torchwood and believe that the end of Series 3 was awful. Being a fan doesn't mean I have to like ever ...
  • 18:42:30: RT @MartyDeeks: @ericcolsen Put♡this♡on♡anyone's♡twitter♡who♡made♡you♡smile♡somewhere♡sometime♡in♡your♡life.♡Thanks♡a♡lot♡for♡making♡me♡ ...
  • 18:42:55: RT @ericcolsen: Hats off for cancer, a great charity organization! RT @NoorRabii Photo: sweet picture of @Ericcolsen …. http://tumblr.c ...
  • 21:22:30: Grrr, thought I'd recorded Not another teen movie with @ericcolsen a few weeks back. Sat down to watch it, and they'd aired something else.
  • 22:24:40: seconded! RT @queenhobbit: @ericcolsen very nice to see a sweet and caring guy....thanks
  • 23:44:50: @wyvernfriend @RFlong it helps if you think of it as pure coincidence that it has the same name/location/character names
  • 23:52:45: @RFLong @wyvernfriend but it's such fun! and the eye candy is delicious ;-)

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