ceindreadh (ceindreadh) wrote,

From Twitter 03-08-2011

  • 00:57:33: Worst thing about 4 x day weekends...having the monday feeling on tuesdays, doh!
  • 09:28:24: Bloody #livejournal is acting up. I haven't received a single email notification since before the weekend, grrr
  • 14:20:15: @ForeverVicki @FionaTBradley @KenziDeeks @tinamthomas78 @NoorRabii @SammiBlossom #ncisla reruns are better than 90% of other shows new eps!
  • 18:45:17: RT @sharoncasey: RT @Irishredcross Fundraiser at Hell Pizza on Wexford street Dublin this Wednesday in aid of the NewZealand Earthquake ...
  • 23:48:17: @ericcolsen @BarrettFoa a friend of mine was wondering which of you guys is the taller. Can't find an #ncisla ep with both of you in shot

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