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From Twitter 03-07-2011

  • 00:05:26: I totally need to get a smartphone or some other way to read twitter on the move. 2 x days offline and there's sooo much to catch up on!
  • 00:28:28: @wyvernfriend do you have a smartphone? Mine's a nokia6300, but there's an i-pohne on my wish list!
  • 11:26:22: Samer here! hoping for ep commentaries too! RT @VikiLJohnson: OMGosh I can not wait for S2 of #NCISLA to come out on DVD or syndication...
  • 11:28:22: RT @Ryan__96: Unfortunately, 97% of twitter users will not RT this. For cancer. But the 3% who do are the ones willing to #makeachange.
  • 11:30:25: @GlamorousAngel #ncisla Black Widow, yes, Deeks is in it, his first ep as part of the team. Plot? NCIS agent gets killed by a hit team cont.
  • 11:30:48: @GlamorousAngel #ncisla Black Widow, Callen tries to infiltrate the hit team.
  • 17:33:56: that would be cool! RT @tinamthomas78: @ceindreadh @VikiLJohnson hoping 4 a gag reel. It's always the first thing I hope s on any DVD
  • 18:50:49: Seconded! RT @Beckybam: I'm requesting a cross over, would love to see @ericcolsen interact with Michael Weath… (cont) http://deck.ly/~BAUs0
  • 18:58:32: @KenziDeeks I like the little tree!
  • 19:02:42: @KeitanKetsueki that is surely a most useful skill to have ;-)
  • 19:03:01: RT @KenziDeeks: #NCISLA and #Deeks lovers please follow :)
  • 19:15:51: RT @stephenfry: Samaritans and Facebook join forces to help you look out for your friends http://bit.ly/sams_fb
  • 19:31:46: @ForeverVicki I don't even *wear* rings and I'm drooling!
  • 20:05:34: RT @capricecrane: No matter what your Chinese symbol tattoo says, I'm going to assume the translation is: "Please think I'm cool."
  • 20:34:21: RT @shawn0007: @KenziDeeks @frngbl @ceindreadh @tinamthomas78 @vikiljohnson I'd settle for commentary. For Personal or Disorder.
  • 21:03:18: I too can't see them canceling it, I'd be more afraid that they'd move it around on the schedules @ForeverVicki @KenziDeeks
  • 21:06:35: But they might want to try win another night too @ForeverVicki @KenziDeeks Cnt Plus, they have a kind of a strong Tuesday night lineup.
  • 21:09:44: so long as they don't make any cast changes to #ncisla I don't mind! RT @ForeverVicki @KenziDeeks
  • 21:14:31: plus they've already done a *lot* of cast changes so far (7 chars now, only 3 of which were in the 'pilot') @ForeverVicki @KenziDeeks
  • 21:15:37: @ForeverVicki @KenziDeeks or was that 4 still there from the spin-off eps, can't remember, was Eric Beale in the NCIS eps?
  • 21:23:36: @ForeverVicki @KenziDeeks, whenever somebody mentions 'Eric' I have to think for a minute whether they mean @ericcolsen or @BarrettFoa !
  • 21:24:04: mmm, such a good ep! RT @ForeverVicki: #NowWatching #NCISLA's Hand To Hand. The first @Ericcolsen episode ever!
  • 21:34:55: RT @funnyordie: This flyer for a missing Lionel Richie is the greatest thing to happen to you in a while: http://ow.ly/49A55
  • 23:53:46: RT @LordStewie: I'm busy you're ugly have a nice day

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