ceindreadh (ceindreadh) wrote,

From Twitter 03-04-2011

  • 09:22:12: RT @KenziDeeks: I want an updated #NCISLA team picture with DEEKS
  • 09:23:16: RT @funnyordie: Choose your facebook profile pic carefully. It'll be the one they use when you go missing. (via @thesulk)
  • 09:23:56: RT @MrsStephenFry: Good morning, dears. It's International Average and Extreme Cowardice Day. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
  • 09:49:45: that's why I fill 'little but often', less of a shock to the system! RT @ericcolsen: http://yfrog.com/h0uyltf… (cont) http://deck.ly/~oqYks
  • 09:57:41: @RFLong there are advantages to taking Friday off before a con <g> (okay, I needed the day to travel, but still!)
  • 09:58:09: @RFLong sorry, did I sound like I was gloating somewhat? ;-)
  • 09:59:06: @RFLong me too! (although for me it's more a chance to catch up on emails!) I've booked in for an apartment viewing as well
  • 09:59:52: @RFLong well the price is certainly lovely ;-)
  • 10:00:30: @RFLong thanks!
  • 10:22:10: RT @tetley_teafolk: Follow #Tetley @tetley_teafolk and Retweet this to be in a draw to win a Year's Supply Of Tea!

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