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From Twitter 03-03-2011

  • 00:28:12: RT @deliciousflavor: "Welcome back, partner" And then the high five with Callen.. @ericcolsen WHY ARE YOU SO ADORABLE? #ncisla
  • 09:08:47: RT @GreySkyThinking: Today is the first day of the rest of the week.
  • 09:46:41: Yay, a four day weekend coming up so only one day to work, woohoo!!!!
  • 12:11:43: @tejasjulia Going to a mini 'man from UNCLE' convention in UK. Always take mon off afterwards to 'recover' <g>
  • 13:50:42: RT @GreySkyThinking: The rest of your life is an empty book - write the first chapter today. Make it bold and bright. And put some vampi ...
  • 13:51:47: @tejasjulia well the con itself is small, only about 20 people or so. The extra day is usually to catch up on a weekends worth of emails!
  • 17:48:29: RT @stephenfry: A good day to be Irish. You beat England at cricket. Our revenge is that I'm appearing on Rós na Rún tonight
  • 17:49:24: Boss came in with v important qn to ask me..."who was Solo and Kuryakin's boss" (headdesk)
  • 17:50:07: @tejasjulia and we do! One of best times was few yrs back when we got a conference call with Robert Vaughn!
  • 18:56:54: RT @jumblejim: Team Supernatural - Ride to Conquer Cancer in honor of Kim Manners. http://bit.ly/g8HnXS I'm donating in memory of my wif ...
  • 19:36:49: @ForeverVicki Amazingly, I don't think i've ever actually seen that movie!
  • 19:44:02: Yay, and I'm officially finished work for the weekend, woo-hoo! Now it's time to hit the shops and get a few last minute necessities!
  • 22:12:58: RT @frngbl: @ericcolsen @dontmesswittex now the video? Come on deeks has to sing too. Can't hide anymore :-)

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