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From Twitter 03-02-2011

  • 00:22:07: RT @IDoThat2: Wave my arms when walking through automatic doors and pretend I'm using 'the force' (by @s03l03)
  • 01:06:25: 2 more working days until the weekend, woo-hoo! (taking friday and monday off for a long weekend!)
  • 09:47:54: RT @NathanFillion: Identifying bears: Climb tree. If bear climbs & kills you, Brown Bear. If bear knocks tree down & kills you, Grizzly ...
  • 13:05:12: RT @ukapala: If you know any musicians in #Dublin looking for a female singer (preferably irish trad music), please DM me or RT. I need ...
  • 13:05:23: RT @VictoriaEssence: WARNING: If you get a tweet about a website to see who's visiting your profile page,IGNORE IT! It steals your pass ...
  • 13:06:07: RT @Darkskin: If you see any links regarding "TOP10 Profile STALKERS" it's SPAM(Possible Virus) & please don't click on it. (Spread the ...
  • 13:06:14: RT @emurf: @DustinOfficial we've had the haughey/ lamass dynasty and the lenihan/o'rouke dynasty now we're going to have the Ming dynasty
  • 13:06:40: @peacelovesheep cool! Haven't seen it yet, looking forward to it!
  • 14:47:34: RT @GreySkyThinking: Every day is a gift - make sure you keep the receipt.
  • 17:00:34: RT @AbbieMcCall: @ericcolsen
    Forget Tuesday, let's officially change it to Deeksday
    Monday, Deeksday, Wednesday, sounds good
    And how bou ...
  • 18:38:12: RT @rice_e: Irish people are tweeting random numbers, pretending we know what's going on. It's like that time we put our national budget ...
  • 18:38:24: RT @bryansixone: Ireland has beated England in the cricket world cup
  • 18:50:24: RT @ModernFarmette: Love it! RT @charlieconnelly: I love that cricket in Irish is "iomáin gallda", which translates as 'foreign hurling'.
  • 19:48:00: @RFLong Is it the Colin Firth version?
  • 19:48:10: RT @Ianto_of_Jones: Just got the results from my full medical. Apparently there isn't enough protein in my diet. Jack's very pleased, an ...
  • 19:51:26: @RFLong possibly just as well, kids might not appreciate 'Mr Darcy' appropriately ;-)
  • 23:04:50: RT @mollydot: RT @kersti: RT @brunns: "Scientists believe that people who take regular exercise may be up to 30% more smug."
  • 23:08:53: RT @LifeOpEd: Just realized that last week's #NCISLA left a burning question unanswered. Does @ericcolsen actually have oddly small nipp ...
  • 23:09:20: not the only one. Looks good on him! RT @wisoaguitar: @ericcolsen What's with Deeks and plaid? Or am I the only one who has noticed that?
  • 23:09:50: RT @Major_Hutch: I wonder how many times they call @BarrettFoa's NCIS character Eric's name and @ericcolsen looks their way.
  • 23:17:39: please vote for "Mr. Twitter" http://faxo.com/t

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