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From Twitter 02-27-2011

  • 00:00:31: RT @RFLong: WOW! RT @anniewestdotcom: RT @neil1989: A picture that says a million words http://twitpic.com/4441gh/full #ge11 #vinb
  • 00:40:38: All hail Ming! Roscommon-South Leitrim - RTÉ News http://t.co/Ygw5FzI via @rtenews
  • 00:46:28: RT @wyvernfriend: RT @Newstalkfm 'GE11 Independent candidate Luke Ming Flanagan elected in Roscommon South Leitrim<-Ming the Merciles ...
  • 13:20:36: RT @llcoolj: “If you get up one more time than you fall you will make it through.”
  • 13:21:34: RT @qikipedia: The kilt is not a Scottish invention. Kilts were first worn in Ireland and the word 'kilt' itself is from Danish.
  • 13:22:39: RT @qikipedia: Clarification: kilt-like thingies were worn in ancient Egypt but the ones the Scots wear derive independently from Ireland.
  • 17:15:34: RT @DustinOfficial: With both of them being Kenny's does anyone know if Enda and Pat were carved from the same lump of wood?
  • 19:19:38: @RAnetdotcom non Uk-er here, and yes I could see the interview
  • 23:40:00: RT @VikiLJohnson: @tedontv Any news on #NCISLA renewal? This is killing us fans not knowing.
  • 23:40:59: RT @Irishrover7uk: 11 year old boy who is losing his battle against brain tumour has one last wish, to ride a bugatti veyron < anyone ...
  • 23:43:28: RT @KenziDeeks: Asked if any news on #NCISLA renewal. . .RT given ratings no reason to worry - most show (cont) http://tl.gd/91k892
  • 23:56:33: anybody know what the song is on the sky1hd# ad?

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