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From Twitter 02-25-2011

  • 01:44:49: @tinamthomas78: @ceindreadh @ForeverVicki any time I see a birthdate for an undercover op, I've always figured it was the characters b-day 2
  • 01:45:48: @tinamthomas78 @ceindreadh @ForeverVicki trivia re Jason Wyler's birthdate, it's the same date as ECO's elder brother/stunt double
  • 01:52:29: ack, I have to get up earlier than usual so I can vote before work. So why am I trying to finish a fic until almost 1am, grrr!
  • 01:56:36: okay, that's it, time for bed
  • 09:52:05: so much for leaving home early enough to vote and not be late for work. Ah well, I'll stay an extra half hour this evening
  • 10:58:51: RT @RFLong: Your vote is your voice. Don't stay silent. Get out and vote. #ge11
  • 10:59:00: RT @qikipedia: Too bad that all the people who know how to run this country are busy driving taxis and cutting hair - GEORGE BURNS
  • 11:01:27: Today is going to be a no brainer. As in, brain says 'no' anytime I ask it to think.
  • 14:45:57: RT @RonHogan: I think the best Two and a Half Men solution is for them to recast with Emilio Estevez. "You look different somehow. Do yo ...
  • 17:51:18: RT @JetGibbs: @orange4angel @markljackson Mark Harmon is the anti Charlie Sheen
  • 18:24:44: counting down the minutes to the weekend!
  • 18:54:08: @RealDMitchell think it's 'in which we live in'
  • 18:56:36: @ForeverVicki @tinamthomas78 given the timeline in Personal, he's at least 31. (at least 11 in 1991 when father went to jail)
  • 18:57:21: @ForeverVicki @tinamthomas78 BTW, re law school, we don't know if he completed it. could have been part time while a detective
  • 20:40:35: Cool! Looking forward to it! RT @BrianDietzen: Also, really fun Palmer stuff.... let's all tune in, yes?
  • 22:01:45: RT @ericcolsen: Meeee tooo! RT @Steve_Rocks21 I can't wait for the prequel to The Thing starring @ericcolsen
  • 22:01:57: Me three! RT @ericcolsen: Meeee tooo! RT @Steve_Rocks21 I can't wait for the prequel to The Thing starring @ericcolsen
  • 23:12:27: @Tweeter_NCIS take a trip over to the NCIS LA side where there's just as much crazy (sighs)

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