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From Twitter 02-24-2011

  • 00:02:43: @frngbl Hmmm, not sure I'd have liked too much suspense! I had a quick look at last scene 1st, just to reassure myself of a happy ending!
  • 00:03:21: @frngbl which of course I got! Seriously, when I read spoilers for this, I was hoping for a Deeks & Hetty scene!
  • 00:07:23: RT @The_OSP: #NCISLA #NCISLosAngeles #NCIS_LA Still pimpin' the new forum... http://ncisla.freeforums.org ...Come join! Share the love!
  • 00:12:32: @KenziDeeks oh yes! Am just rewatching the best bits now...all 42 mins of them!
  • 00:15:16: @KenziDeeks best episode ever! Loved the Hetty & Deeks scene at the end!
  • 00:19:13: @KenziDeeks Hetty as Deeks's next of kin will fit beautifully in with a number of plot bunnies I have going!
  • 00:19:39: @KenziDeeks was sooo glad that Deeks got scenes with pretty near everybody! Loved the way the team rallied round 'one of theirs'
  • 00:21:12: Yes, and I'm sure Deeks wouldn't have anybody else!
  • 08:51:18: RT @twilight2000: "Good Question" - seems to be the line of the night. That & "Humble Brag" #ncisla
  • 08:57:08: Can see why you'd both need reminding ;-) RT @ericcolsen: No touching!! RT @ceindreadh LOLOL! RT @DanielaRua… (cont) http://deck.ly/~fn0aC
  • 09:03:36: @krazykitkatm Deadlines are good. I do my best writing under pressure...just ask anybody who ever corrected my exam papers :-)
  • 09:08:44: @krazykitkatm my most productive times for fic are when I'm completely swamped at work! Or when they air great episodes like Personal!
  • 09:11:55: @krazykitkatm well i've only just finished my second post-ep fic to Human Traffic, and I've probably got a few more in me!
  • 11:39:14: @RFLong so was it you or the kids wanting to play with swords? ;-)
  • 14:29:16: @ericcolsen so now we've two versions of Deeks and his dad with the shotgun on #ncisla are we going to get an explanation of it?
  • 16:52:01: RT @Its_Death: I think, @DarthVader, that WikiLeaks were ahead of the game. http://twitpic.com/439fsv
  • 19:05:06: @RFLong the 5th/6th?
  • 19:06:09: @RFLong I'm in the UK at a Man from Uncle mini con that weekend. It *always* clashes!
  • 20:52:37: @ForeverVicki either a booboo or Deeks lied to Kensi about the '6 years' so that she wouldn't probe further
  • 20:53:02: @ForeverVicki the bigger 'booboo' is the date of birth on the prison release documentation that Hetty gave Nell
  • 21:34:36: @ForeverVicki it listed his father's date of birth as March 16, 1969. Deeks was 11 by at least 1991
  • 21:35:19: @ForeverVicki Oh it was definitely the best episode this season. I really want a DVD commentary with ECO and LH on it!
  • 21:36:43: @ForeverVicki if Deeks was 11 when he shot his dad, and the dad was in prison from 1991, Deeks can't have been born later than 1980
  • 21:36:56: @ForeverVicki So he's got to be at least 31
  • 21:37:24: @ForeverVicki last season didn't have @ericcolsen! (apart from 2 eps)
  • 21:39:10: @ForeverVicki I wouldn't have minded #ncisla adding Renko to the main cast, but I wouldn't swap Deeks for him!
  • 21:40:02: @ForeverVicki I'd like to see Deeks and Renko on the same case!
  • 21:41:36: @ForeverVicki have S1 dvds but I much prefer this season
  • 21:41:53: @ForeverVicki partly because I can't watch the Dom episodes, knowing what happens to him :-(
  • 21:42:06: @ForeverVicki but also, because I keep waiting for Deeks to show up!
  • 21:44:12: @ForeverVicki Dom was really too much the newbie and couldn't hold his own with the rest of the team. Deeks has always stood his ground
  • 21:44:45: @KenziDeeks @ForeverVicki yep, but there wasn't much useful info on it
  • 21:45:31: @ForeverVicki @KenziDeeks name is easy, could have been his mother's name or maybe foster parents
  • 21:46:55: @ForeverVicki @kenzideeks good question! maybe they died or he just lost touch or didn't want them involved/in danger
  • 21:49:22: @ForeverVicki @kenzideeks tell me about it! I've had plot bunnies coming out of my ears since the first promo aired!
  • 21:50:44: @ForeverVicki @kenzideeks that was the name of somebody who knew him at the address listed, could have been his landlord
  • 21:55:39: @ForeverVicki @kenzideeks I'd rather get it in drips and drabs than not at all! So much to follow up on!
  • 22:32:37: RT @Robotdays: I think Deeks is one of the few reasons I still watch TV. #ncisla
  • 22:32:45: RT @Robotdays: Sick Deeks is squishy. I desire to snuggle him and feed him jello. I shall squeesh his cheeks *pinchpinch* #ncisla
  • 22:36:22: Totally agree! RT @Robotdays: @ForeverVicki how can anyone NOT love Deeks? He's like a big goofy puppy. #ncisla
  • 22:37:16: RT @Robotdays: I can't help but notice that when I tweet about #Deeks, I seem to start off a chain of RTs. There are some serious Deeks ...
  • 22:39:25: @SieverClaire763 no dogs in my household, but my childhood pets used to

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