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From Twitter 02-23-2011

  • 00:00:49: @ForeverVicki I sort of had it figured it would go down that way. Poor Deeks, that's what happens when you try to be a hero
  • 00:04:50: I agree, and I hope the rest of the team know it too! RT @ForeverVicki: @ceindreadh Yeah, but Deeks is a hero!
  • 00:06:02: RT @misszeesantos: If @ericcolsen is killed off #NCISLA, I will raise the Unholiest of Hell and then some. BTW Eric, I think u & ur hai ...
  • 00:09:36: RT @ForeverVicki: @Ericcolsen Not only do we get Shirtless Deeks tonight, but also sweaty jogging Deeks! Let me catch my breath! I maybe ...
  • 00:36:15: @ForeverVicki: @ceindreadh @ericcolsen @VikiLJohnson going offline now. Staying well away from Twitter until tomorrow evening. night all!
  • 08:53:47: @ericcolsen thank you for being such a sweet guy to all your fans. Go raibh maith agat (hugs)
  • 12:01:13: RT @johnbreslin: The election is a bit like a diet - we had our meat, now we'll vote in the healthy vegetables, and probably have meat a ...
  • 13:39:47: @ForeverVicki Wish I'd had the day off today! Mind you, I think my brain has decided it's *its* day off, lol!
  • 15:39:32: RT @stinkylol2: A little bird told me that #Deeks didn't die last night on #NCISLA. Cooool !!! Who wants to open a bottle o… (cont) htt ...
  • 16:31:55: RT @krazykitkatm: @ericcolsen My 60 yr old mother's response while Deeks was in the hospital bed - "He's lovely." Her daughter agrees :)
  • 16:32:54: note to colleagues. 15 mins left on lunch, I'm eating a sandwich and rustling my newspaper. Take a hint and wait until 2 to ask work qns
  • 16:57:07: @ForeverVicki have fun with the DVD watching day. Got any @ericcolsen flicks in there?
  • 17:37:11: RT @frngbl: @ceindreadh maybe if we all write to cbs they might make deeks sing :-)
  • 21:27:01: @ericcolsen think this would work? RT @frngbl: @ceindreadh maybe if we all write to cbs they might make deeks sing :-)
  • 22:43:37: LOLOL! RT @DanielaRuah: What @ericcolsen did yesterday: http://yfrog.com/h669981321j
  • 23:26:29: @Tweeter_NCIS AFAIK, sweeps are the full month of February
  • 23:33:12: @frngbl for the first time, was tempted to pull a sickie and watch ncisla!
  • 23:38:59: @frngbl I was sure this would be a Deeks-lite episode, and was sooo glad it wasn't!
  • 23:40:26: @ericcolsen if TPTB are doing episode commentaries on #ncisla S2 DVD, can we nominate you to do one for Personal?

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