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From Twitter 02-20-2011

  • 00:02:01: have you seen the new ncisla# promo? RT @ForeverVicki: Should I brave the wind for a cup of coffee?! I don't know! I think I'm bored!
  • 00:05:23: @ForeverVicki the bad thing though, costs of making up fake GSW scars, might mean a lack of shirtless Deeks in future! @Ericcolsen
  • 00:07:40: @ForeverVicki @eirccolsen see, there's always a downside ;-) any speculation as to the 'why' of the shooting? #ncisla
  • 00:08:54: RT @VictorianLondon: "Why is Ireland the richest country in the world? Because its capital is always Dublin." joke, 1873
  • 00:10:39: @ForeverVicki @ericcolsen could be that, yes. Maybe it's something to do with why so many cops hate him
  • 00:12:28: @ForeverVicki @ericcolsen could be maybe because he was a lawyer, cops don't like lawyers much.
  • 00:15:08: @ForeverVicki @ericcolsen could be something to do with a previous undercover op. Or maybe it's personal, we don't know much about Deeks
  • 00:16:04: @ForeverVicki heh, @ericcolsen is probably reading this speculation and laughing his ass off at how far off base we are! #ncisla
  • 00:19:05: @ForeverVicki heh!
  • 00:20:32: RT @talktojoe1850: CF patient in St Vincents tonight ,Orla Tinsley has just invited all or any of the Party leaders to see the condition ...
  • 00:22:03: @ForeverVicki @ericcolsen we can only hope!
  • 01:35:10: RT @NCISfanatics: @ericcolsen & Friends … Pls ReTweet & Help @LiLMsGabbyDee & her team fight against cancer http://bit.ly/hmsFa5 (Story ...
  • 13:49:29: RT @TWlTTERWHALE: Dear Twilight Fans, #ItsScientificallyProven Vampires don't sparkle.
  • 13:50:25: @ForeverVicki good morning to you as well!
  • 17:04:06: RT @peterflom: RT @queerpup: Marriage is no more undermined by extending it to gays, than the vote was undermined by extending it to women.
  • 17:14:48: @LCreighton your narrow minded views on marriage have just lost you a vote
  • 18:45:01: RT @Boyzonetour: dont forget 6pm tonight its #boyzonetour trending time! lets get the boyz tour noticed before opening nite!!!
  • 22:51:35: RT @paperflowersxo: Society has brainwashed us girls to think that we're too fat when we're perfectly fine, that we're ugly when we are ...
  • 22:52:05: RT @TwitchyNugget: A Chicago blackhawk player broke a panel of glass with his tushi @DanielaRuah remind you of anyone? *cough* @ericcolsen

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