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From Twitter 02-18-2011

  • 00:50:18: @ForeverVicki I can't believe it took me until now to recognize your profile pic. I *love* that scene!
  • 14:05:49: RT @tetley_teafolk: Follow #Tetley @tetley_teafolk and RT this to be in a draw to win a Year's Supply Of Tea!
  • 14:06:14: RT @wyvernfriend: RT @glinner My bike's been stolen! It's pretty distinctive... http://twitpic.com/3wd7jj Any chance of a RT?
  • 14:07:08: RT @llcoolj: You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection. Siddharta..
  • 14:29:34: Do you ever have one of those Fridays where you would have been less unproductive staying at home?
  • 15:06:02: RT @Its_Death: Stormtrooper Twitter Feed http://twitpic.com/412904
  • 18:30:16: @ForeverVicki good for you! (I'm at 45 down, was more...but chocolate just kept calling me! ;-)
  • 18:35:42: @ForeverVicki I used to allow myself chocolate only at the weekend...then the 'weekend' started lasting up to 7 days :-)
  • 18:47:15: @ForeverVicki well I need to find my will power where ever I left it! I've gotten used to smaller clothes size, hate to go up again
  • 19:04:21: RT @rtenews: Outbound lane of the Port Tunnel is closed due to a breakdown since 5.20pm. Dublin HGV cordon has been lifted.
  • 20:07:26: RT @johncoxon: #NCISLA gets better every episode. Seriously love that spinoff.
  • 20:11:45: RT @ericcolsen: One of our AD's accidentally kung Fu chopped me in the mouth yesterdy and today it looks like I face planted into a bus.
  • 20:13:02: @ericcolsen ouch! not good. But the important thing is, did it get caught on camera? ;-) Hope you feel better soon.
  • 21:30:13: RT @ForeverVicki: Deeks and a gun is much hotter then Hotch and a gun!#NCISlA
  • 21:58:16: I always knew bananas were 'much more interesting' RT @ForeverVicki: Bananas! Who would of thought it?!#NCISLA
  • 22:14:22: chatting online with a friend and it is scary how much we're dissecting @ericolsen 's scenes in the promo for next weeks #ncisla
  • 22:16:39: RT @canuckss16: @ericcolsen I don't like were this is going. Lets go with Deeks is happy, your happy!
  • 22:53:22: You expect twitter to make sense?RT @FionaTBradley: @ericcolsen I have to say that made no sense at all. Check out his profile. Stalkkkeerr.
  • 23:02:31: RT @Lizardo94: @ericcolsen Seriously, how awesome was it to get paid to lay around all week in a fake hospital bed! Lets switch jobs a ...
  • 23:06:09: Deeks catches some awesome waves so...RT @ericcolsen: Love it. Done. Deeks finds a pony so...RT @canuckss16
  • 23:31:07: Not weird, terrifying! RT @FionaTBradley: @ericcolsen okay, @danielaruah eats that way does she laugh that wa… (cont) http://deck.ly/~uckil
  • 23:35:10: RT @wilw: This is what it looks like when someone is completely and utterly owned. In fact, it's why PWNED was invented: http://bit.ly/e ...
  • 23:46:56: RT @ericcolsen: Thats worth a RT @llcoolj Blake Griffin's nickname ? Simple, take it back... Professor Griff..
  • 23:58:42: RT @LynneMiller75: @ericcolsen @canuckss16 i'm only happy if deeks is half naked.... he can choose which half :-p

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