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From Twitter 02-15-2011

  • 00:22:13: RT @jumblejim: RT @KeepPagetAndAJ: @jumblejim It's @pagetpaget's last day on the set of Criminal Minds. Pleas… (cont) http://deck.ly/~8ieYR
  • 00:22:46: RT @SavageEye: @SavageEye thanks to all who came out in the cold..bit of a song and dance alternative ending. . http://youtu.be/68EaFvGRJWc
  • 09:13:08: @KillHill101 found the link, thanks for that!
  • 14:40:51: RT @KenziDeeks: I really shouldn't have read that :-( RT @ForeverVicki: RT @STV_NCISLA: NCIS: Los Angeles - Episode 2.17 - (cont) http:/ ...
  • 20:06:50: RT @ericcolsen: Tonights ep has 1 of the coolest action sequences I've ever seen on TV. It's like HEAT but with less Val Kilmer, and mor ...
  • 20:57:24: RT @AhMONIQUED: Thinking positive... Deeks will NOT die, I still need more @ericcolsen dose on NCIS:LA. Like, really. ;)
  • 23:50:51: RT @RFLong: RT @strictlyinkblot: @inkwellHQ Am convinced that Jedward r the result of combining Dustin's DN… (cont) http://deck.ly/~UyKaY
  • 23:51:43: RT @ericcolsen: Yo RT @llcoolj Yo

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