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From Twitter 02-14-2011

  • 14:05:57: RT @clanwilliam: Roses are various colours depending on variety, violets are violet, this may not rhyme, but at least it's accurate.
  • 18:56:28: RT @conor_pope: It was an iPhone 4 * cries softly * with a shiney red case and was lost in either Kehoes or a cab. #findmyphone
  • 18:57:19: RT @pjgallagher: Remember the 48 young people who lost their lives in the #Stardust 30 years ago tonight. Thoughts with all the families.
  • 22:29:03: RT @KenPlume: I'm not saying this is @wilw's fantasy, but HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY, EVERYBODY! http://twitpic.com/3zuy70
  • 22:44:05: RT @aomahony: will watch the #savageeye instead #rtedeb
  • 23:08:32: RT @jmwlk: “@jmwlk: I've made a decision im voting for #savageeye and all u #rtefl peeps can fill me in & spare me the agony!#rtedeb
  • 23:14:48: RT @nitsohara: 'Nowadays, eating children, although not fashionable, is certainly delicious.' #savageeye
  • 23:15:25: @SavageEye See! You don't mess with an Accountant!!
  • 23:21:25: @savageeye what happened the dance number? #savageeye
  • 23:24:42: @SavageEye good to know!
  • 23:33:54: RT @sharoncasey: RT @Moriartylives: #rtedeb Gerry Adams is the only leader here with convictions. Served several years for them.

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