ceindreadh (ceindreadh) wrote,

From Twitter 02-08-2011

  • 19:24:33: RT @Tweeter_NCIS: @KBarkertweets I also think that including a "lost scene" was brilliant. Kudos to whoever thought of that & to the fol ...
  • 22:23:19: I'd like to try handling it ;-) RT @Robotdays: I cannot handle the insane amount of cuteness that is Deeks. #ncisla
  • 22:45:18: RT @Robotdays: Half nakey Deeks? HELLO CHRISTMAS. #ncisla
  • 22:58:56: Weird, this morning the light bulb just fell out of my overhead light, and now I can't fit a replacement in it.
  • 23:09:12: @wyvernfriend it looked like the base of the bulb was intact

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