ceindreadh (ceindreadh) wrote,

From Twitter 02-07-2011

  • 18:46:58: I am probably going to get more work of my own done in the 1.5 hours after 5.30, than I did in the 7 hours preceding.
  • 20:43:20: just spent the last hour drafting up a set of accounts and now excel is 'not responding'....nooooooo!!!!!
  • 20:45:17: Phew, luckily I'd saved the last change made on it.
  • 20:45:38: Think it's a sign that I should quit while I'm ahead. Time to go home.
  • 23:09:27: @KelticBanshee liking Outcasts as well. (don't forget it's on tomorrow night as well)
  • 23:12:49: @KelticBanshee hope so, I'd hate to think they killed off the hottie in ep 1 ;-)
  • 23:18:30: @SavageEye perhaps it's a Dread Pirate Fungi type situation #Fungicantstillbealive #TheSavageEye

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