ceindreadh (ceindreadh) wrote,

From Twitter 01-30-2011

  • 00:25:44: @tejasjulia @tweeter_NCIS perhaps we should come up with our own 'suggestions' regarding dictionary additions (cackles evilly)
  • 01:13:11: (sighs) Don't you just hate it when you make all this effort to be snarkily sarcastic and it just goes over the target's head?
  • 02:11:59: RT @WGirl: RT @JetGibbs: A day without @silvertales is like a day without Gibbs/DiNozzo subtext. It is wrong #wemissyouKit #sendinghugs
  • 13:33:27: RT @llcoolj: Swallow your pride occasionally, it's non-fattening
  • 14:45:53: Ugh, I hate having to go into work on a Sunday. Maybe I should have worked harder during the week, doh!
  • 18:09:25: @JetGibbs Ah I was only there for a few hours, mainly packing files for next week. 2 bosses were there as well, so I wasn't unnoticed!
  • 18:14:18: RT @wyvernfriend: Scary Aran hot pants: http://cast-on.com/?p=4560
  • 20:09:47: @SammiBlossom I think Tony and Deeks - both with a cop background - would probably get on quite well actually. #ncis #ncisla
  • 20:11:21: @SammiBlossom heh, and totally winding up Kensi and Ziva!
  • 20:21:51: @SammiBlossom ECO and MH have already worked together (Local Boys). I would like to see Deeks and GIbbs on a crossover! #ncis #ncisla
  • 20:31:27: @SammiBlossom Oh I have wanted to see Hetty and Gibbs since day 1! Mainly because she wouldn't take any crap from him <vbeg> #ncis #ncisla
  • 20:37:12: @SammiBlossom i'm imagining a scene where Gibbs (automatically) Gibbs-slaps Deeks, and then Hetty slaps *Gibbs* <g>
  • 20:39:07: @tejasjulia @sammiBlosson I think Hetty might approve of the Gibbsslaps in principle, but not being done to *her* team! (unless she does it)
  • 21:20:19: @ForeverVicki Irish accents are a bit less beautiful when you hear them all day every day!
  • 21:20:58: @wyvernfriend oh my! http://bit.ly/ZRWW5
  • 21:22:21: @ForeverVicki it's one of the perils of being Irish and living in the country ;-)

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