ceindreadh (ceindreadh) wrote,

From Twitter 01-24-2011

  • 00:17:47: Weird. My laptop screen just went totally blank for a few seconds. Like it wanted to authorize access to a new program, but without asking.
  • 09:23:54: @silvertales not to butt in, but have you tried doing a virus scan?
  • 09:28:07: @silvertales I got that 'plug in container' message on my 'action centre' but firefox is still working
  • 09:28:46: @silvertales that is, occasionally it stops responding for a few seconds, usually when I've a lot of stuff open, but it's only briefly
  • 09:29:14: @silvertales sometimes when i've a lot of stuff open or am trying to switch between programs quickly
  • 18:31:15: @IrishRail My sister's stuck on DART outside Dun L with no audible announcement as to WTF is going on. WTF is going on?
  • 18:41:39: @IrishRail not much use having dublinbus accept #DART tickets if you're stuck on a bloody DART.
  • 18:43:24: Sister is supposed to be taking her sons to wrestling tonight, that is if #irishrail pull their finger out and get the #DART moving
  • 18:52:57: I get that @irishrail can't help points failures, but they could at least inform passengers just WTF is going on
  • 18:53:56: Youngest nephew was so upset at being stuck on the train that they had to get off in DunL and go for a taxi.
  • 20:31:22: RT @johnnycandon: Bored of all those tame, domesticated eyes you've been seeing on TV lately?! Good news!! THE SAVAGE EYE is on RTE Two, ...

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