ceindreadh (ceindreadh) wrote,

I'm planning on going to the USA for a holiday next year. There's a fan-writers convention on in March or April and an IM pal of mine has offered me a place to stay if I want to attend it.

So for a change I thought I'd be organized and start looking into the requirements for a VISA to get into the US.
First thing I see is a charge of US$100 just to apply!
And then there's forms to fill out and I have to let them know where I'm going and show proof that I have a job and a home to get back to and they practically want to know my life story, and almost the first thing I can think of is whether I should put down my online pseudynoms in the spaces for 'other names including alias's'

(sighs) this is all getting very complicated.
Although I think that since I'm planning on going for less than 90 days and I'm from a listed country, then there might be a way around this. I guess I could check it out with a travel agent or something, because I don't particularly want to spend 1euro per minute phoning the help line.
(and I can't phone it from work because they're after finally drawing up a 'code of practice regarding telecommunications' and one of the restrictions is no dialling premium rate numbers)

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