ceindreadh (ceindreadh) wrote,

From Twitter 01-01-2011

  • 00:04:19: playing scrabble trickster with my nephews...it's going to end in tears!!
  • 00:06:00: probably from me
  • 00:13:29: @KelticBanshee just set your clock forward or pretend you're in an earlier time zone!
  • 00:57:36: @ericcolsen a few mins early, but happy new year from Ireland!
  • 01:37:32: @DanielaRuah happy new 2011 to you as well!
  • 02:12:57: @tejasjulia multitasking are we? :-)
  • 02:13:13: RT @tejasjulia: #nciswishlist I would LOVE to hear a Mark Harmon, Michael Weatherly and Robert Wagner commentary for Broken Arrow on the ...
  • 02:18:39: Night all and happy new year!
  • 14:10:11: RT @Pat_Whelan: PLEASE RT Happy New Year,to celebrate I am going to give away a copy of my book "An Irish Butcher Shop" simply RT ...
  • 14:11:20: ok, time to start the return journey. Weather is clear, I knew I could have brought the car, doh!
  • 19:50:41: RT @NathanRNaylor: @alexispetridis @RachelAdler: Does anyone know a Laura Adams who lost her bag in Brighton? We have her passport and ...

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