ceindreadh (ceindreadh) wrote,

From Twitter 12-07-2010

  • 10:44:23: Only in ireland. Pavements lethal with ice, and it's raining.
  • 10:45:52: And the radiator in my office is banjaxed again.
  • 13:27:21: RT @wyvernfriend: RT @RFLong New Blog Post: New Release help spread the word & win a copy http://ow.ly/1al2IW
  • 14:09:38: note to self, take soup out of freezer the night before rather than the morning of the day you wish to eat it.
  • 14:16:51: @tejasjulia it was a very tasty soup when it was *finally* defrosted/heated, even though I say so myself.
  • 14:56:29: RT @rtenews: Dublin's four local authorities may be forced to cut-off water to residents from 7pm until 7am tomorrow due to a severe sho ...
  • 16:32:15: RT @DustinOfficial: Right now somebody somewhere is having the arse bored off them by a cab driver. #spareathought
  • 16:38:09: RT @Its_Death: More WikiLeaks Revelations http://twitpic.com/3ds2ha
  • 16:57:33: RT @stuffiwrote: LEAKED! #budget11 speech. "Hello. What's the capital of Ireland? About €5. That concludes today's budget announcement. ...
  • 17:34:44: RT @RealBLenihan: ATM's have stopped dispensing money, taps will soon stop dispensing water and the poor have just been mugged. Good job ...
  • 17:35:40: RT @cripesonfriday: Go fuck yourself Lenihan. Sorry, I've nothing wittier to say. #budget11 #youreFFired
  • 17:54:08: #budget11 first time buyer stamp duty relief gone? Fuck you Mr. Lenihan, fuck you
  • 18:58:35: Packing up to head home and *now* the bloody radiator starts heating up?
  • 20:06:46: @djmicheals I was using a microwave, but had to heat in short bursts to ensure consistent temp

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