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From Twitter 12-02-2010

  • 00:14:49: RT @OMFGThatIsTrue: When you pass a cop, you IMMEDIATELY look at your speedometer #OMFGThatIsTrue
  • 00:16:17: RT @wyvernfriend: Check this video out -- Christmas Food Court Flash Mob, Hallelujah Chorus - Must See! http://t.co/Y5LCGhX via @youtube
  • 00:34:30: @ericcolsen Ah well, better the house than Deeks :-)
  • 01:13:27: So the shoe spikes I ordered for the snow, may possibly be delayed...due to the snow...(headdesk)
  • 08:59:48: RT @dknitcollective: #twitknit the Irish knitters and crocheters first virtual knit night on Twitter starting at 7pm
  • 09:10:43: mending a purple jumper. Do I use purple or white or black thread...or whatever was left in the needle from the last sewing I did? :-)
  • 09:25:09: Cars outside my window seem to be moving at a good pace...possibly because so far they're all going downhill!
  • 09:25:57: And the cold water tap has stopped working again. Likely just low pressure from being 6th floor. (skyscraper dwellers, stop laughing)
  • 09:48:07: Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work I go! And this weather is why I will pay a premium to remain within walking (skating!) distance of my job.
  • 11:57:14: RT @Its_Death: If you've got an elderly or vulnerable neighbour, go and check they're ok, will you? I don't fancy doing any more work th ...
  • 16:05:32: The number of routes disrupted on www.dublinbus.ie gets bigger each time I F5.
  • 17:21:43: either the snow is easing off, or it's just harder to see in the dark #sneachta
  • 18:21:06: So. 1720 and i'm leaving work. Usually should take me 20 to 30 mins to walk home. Tonight, who knows.
  • 19:06:54: Closer to 35 mins but home in one piece!
  • 19:44:32: RT @Nikki_Notes: #nciswishlist @BrianDietzen to become a proper star and appear in the opening credits as the other main characters do.
  • 19:48:53: @wyvernfriend I don't remember those ads (and I'd have surely remembered the 'Birr' one). Were they radio or TV?
  • 19:56:25: RT @wyvernfriend: Last busses at 9pm apparently #sneachta
  • 20:14:34: RT @rtenews: Dublin Bus has confirmed that its service will end at 9pm both from the city centre and the suburbs. http://bit.ly/ekkM7E
  • 22:32:42: RT @mollydot: RT @wyvernfriend: Simon Ireland are asking for Hats, Gloves, Scarves and socks #twitknit
  • 22:54:35: http://yfrog.com/7b54275461j laugh if you will, but if it keeps me warm tonight, I'm wearing it!

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