ceindreadh (ceindreadh) wrote,

From Twitter 11-24-2010

  • 11:27:04: Boss says i've too many shoes in my office. I say as long as drawer still closes there's room for more!
  • 16:49:51: RT @wyvernfriend: RT @thejournal_ie Lenihan envisages about €20 a week off middle-income taxpayer #4yearplan <-WTF is he on?
  • 16:50:07: RT @leannich: @thejournal_ie TDs should be *paid* the minimum wage for the month of January, to give them some perspective.
  • 16:50:35: read the #4yearplan, one word, BASTARDS!
  • 21:24:57: Love my dad, just wish he wouldn't phone when I'm watching #ncisla, just as well I can pause it.
  • 22:17:23: RT @SammiBlossom: ok...i checked myself back into reality. Kensi& Deeks=No romance. it'll ruin things, just like the tony/ziva thing. pa ...
  • 22:20:06: RT @sarahberg15: @ericcolsen If Deeks doesn't make it out alive, I might have a hard time watching the show still! There's no NCIS: LA w ...
  • 22:32:00: RT @Garathon66: Shouldn't TDs of ALL parties be ashamed at not taking pay/benifit cuts in line with the country? #bailout #ireland #4yea ...

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