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From Twitter 11-21-2010

  • 03:03:31: night all
  • 03:03:54: RT @JustJeanette: @JesseStern yes, the yahoo list is Very.quiet #NCIS chatter is low. Please, more Cases, less Mossad
  • 21:17:38: @teaandcakes when is the announcement supposed to be?
  • 21:19:38: @teaandcakes thanks
  • 21:28:24: "in the national interest", that's never good
  • 21:29:12: @ericcolsen Cool! yay for Deeks!
  • 21:30:10: Bugger the corporation tax rate, what about the Income Taxes?
  • 21:32:31: RT @thaedydal: RT @SeanMoncrieff: Cowen says fuck all shock
  • 21:43:59: you mean "assures their salaries for another year"
  • 21:47:05: "Non-essential assets" you mean like the Dail and/or the Senate?
  • 21:48:33: Asking a politician if he's been honest, now *that's* going to get an honest answer...not!
  • 21:49:07: @tejasjulia leader of my country & finance minister are explaining just how screwed we are
  • 21:49:55: @tejasjulia It's nothing we didn't already know, but they're finally confirming that they've asked for outside help
  • 21:52:28: @tejasjulia Took them long enough though. Next month they announce the budget and how much more tax everybody will have to pay
  • 21:53:25: @tejasjulia Me too. I'm hoping to take out a mortgage soon and it would be nice to have enough money to pay it!
  • 21:54:45: @tejasjulia Yep. Been looking for a place to buy for a few months now. Hate the idea of moving, but really want my *own* place.
  • 22:01:39: @tejasjulia heh, this is it. I want to buy, but not to move. Maybe I should ask my landlady if she's interested in selling <g>
  • 22:02:31: @tejasjulia Unfortunately the prices in the building I'm in would be a bit out of my reach
  • 22:06:09: @tejasjulia Ah there's always the lotto!
  • 22:10:14: Spot the difference, the #bailout press conference and #dumbanddumberer

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