ceindreadh (ceindreadh) wrote,

From Twitter 11-19-2010

  • 01:18:40: thought for the night. Security wise is there really any difference between a ground floor apartment and a bungalow?
  • 09:31:17: @EmeraldMagick I haven't donated in years. They can't find decent veins, doh!
  • 09:35:14: Doing a spot test for hair dye. If my face swells up, remind me not to use that brand again :-)
  • 09:35:54: @EmeraldMagick small veins. Last time I needed a blood test, it took about 3 goes to get enough out
  • 10:00:51: RT @silvertales: If I thought the #NCIS PTB gave a damn what the #noTiva crowd thought, I might actually follow @NCIS_Gary & @JesseStern
  • 10:05:13: bad thing about having a day off on Thursday, makes it very hard to get motivated to work on Friday! (still, it's payday monday, woo-hoo!)
  • 15:19:59: RT @RFLong: RT @HarperCollinsCh Narnia in 3D in exactly 3 weeks http://tinyurl.com/382v5vd. RT this to win fantastic Narnia goodies
  • 16:02:25: It is really nice when clients appreciate and acknowledge the work we do for them
  • 17:19:57: #booksyoureadmorethanonce anything #discworld or by #robertrankin
  • 20:38:13: bloody online ordering said I'm too far away for pizza delivery
    hooray for 'old school' looking it up on a printed menu!
  • 22:42:46: @Tweeter_NCIS It certainly does for me
  • 23:53:26: @JustJeanette In fairness, it's not as censored as it used to be. probably because without -ive posts they'd have little to no posts at all

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