ceindreadh (ceindreadh) wrote,

From Twitter 11-18-2010

  • 00:58:29: day off work on Thurs. Shopping with the sister to buy a dress for the #shareadream ball
  • 13:23:02: Got a dress for the ball. Now just need the bling!
  • 18:00:07: Found a place i like. Ground floor, but good area. Further investigation pending!
  • 21:16:40: RT @judy1987: #ncisla i rather see more bantering btwn Kensi n Deeks then see romance for them. it just dont click.....more bro./sis fig ...
  • 22:03:35: @ericcolsen From 'Kensi's' reaction, looked more like DR wasn't expecting it! Great episode, looking fwd to part 2!
  • 22:39:34: when a property ad shows more external than internal pics, that's not really a good sign

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