ceindreadh (ceindreadh) wrote,

From Twitter 11-15-2010

  • 00:29:56: @EmeraldMagick Ooh, I have one like that too. But then, it was a cheap one I got so I could 'persuade' it to play multi-region
  • 00:49:26: @EmeraldMagick I think it wasn't more than 30 or 40 euro. Needed a cheap on in case 'persuading' it didn't take.
  • 01:07:36: @EmeraldMagick at todays rates, between 40 to 55 dollars
  • 09:02:58: @EmeraldMagick don't know about amazon. I just went to electronics store & picked out cheapest one there!
  • 11:25:29: It's a bit like playing #tetris trying to fit my lunch in office fridge
  • 18:55:43: 6pm and looking at another 2 to 3 hours work. 30 hours to deadline, eep!
  • 19:16:20: Just got a call about viewing a property. It has a shower in the bedroom - not an ensuite, just a shower cubicle. Um, okay.
  • 23:00:25: Just leaving work now. If i run i might make it home for #NCISla
  • 23:17:05: nom nom nom, homemade soup and #ncisla on tv. life could be worse
  • 23:46:16: Am i the only person who has a problem with telling people where speed cameras are?

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