ceindreadh (ceindreadh) wrote,

whoo-hoo! I finally did it!
After months of humming and hawing, and wondering if it's a waste of money or not, I finally invested in a combi DVD/CD-RW drive.

*And* I went and installed it myself!
Big step, cause I was petrified of messing up my PC by poking around in its innards. I'd have gotten the computer shop to do it for me, except for 2 reasons: (a) it would have cost money and (b) I'd have been without a computer for several days.
(withdrawal symptoms were setting in, just *thinking* about it!)

So the drive is in the bay, the software is all installed and I decided to take a DVD for a test run. (Star Trek-The Wrath of Khan, for those of you who like trivia) It seems to be working all right, except for the sound. But that could possibly be because I'm using a cheap set of headphones instead of speakers. Or it could be because I messed up plugging it into the sound card (wahh!!)
But no, I think it's the headphones. So my next purchase will be a set of speakers...preferably ones that have a little headphone jack so that I don't disturb my housemates. (although if they haven't complained of the loud guffaws coming from my room when I read something funny online, then they probably won't complain about the Star Trek theme...just as well the guy in the next room to mine is a Sci-Fi fan

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