ceindreadh (ceindreadh) wrote,

Census of Ireland 1911

The Census of Ireland 1911 is now completely online at the National Archives

It's quite fascinating looking up my grandparents generation, most of whom were still living at home in 1911.
It confirms a bunch of stuff I already knew about in the family tree, but also adds more questions. For instance, I knew my grandfather on my mother's side had about 4 or 5 siblings, but according to the census return, he was actually one of 9, but only 6 were still living at that point.

And it's sort of sad to think that there's probably nobody in my family now who would have known this as all that generation are now dead, even my great-uncle who was only a year old on the record.

Still, it's something worth having a rummage through for anybody who's interested in their family history.

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