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Found this meme on inthekeyofd's Journal
Comment to this post and I will give you 3-5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.
1) John Barrowman
I had never actually heard of him until he appeared in Doctor Who. I went to see The Producers in the cinema mainly because I heard he had a small role in it, and it was only the prospect of seeing him that kept me in the movie theatre past the first five minutes. That is, I found the first act or so of The Producers to be, well, not all that great, and if I hadn't been waiting for JB, I might have considered leaving. In fairness though, it did pick up after a few songs (by the time they got to the Accountants office) and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

2) Ireland
Born and reared in Ireland, and I've rarely travelled outside of it. My parents always took family holidays in Ireland. The official reason was so that my siblings and I would have 'covered' Ireland when we were young, and could go abroad when we were old enough to do so. Unofficially, it was simply much cheaper and much less hassle than trying to travel abroad with the whole family

3) Books
Ah, books, the love of my life! Every since I can remember I've loved books and reading. Where other people plan holidays and decide what clothing to bring, my main priority is seeing that I have enough reading material for the trip! I prefer though to read them myself; I'm not a big fan of audio books. I asked my father once if I'd been read to as a child, and I had, but as soon as I was able to read, apparently I insisted on reading for myself. Even now I won't go anywhere without a book in my bag.

4) Ianto Jones
Not the reason I started watching Torchwood, but the reason I stayed. And I'm not even talking about his relationship with Jack (although I do love it!)
But Ianto to me is my favourite type of character. The ordinary everyday bloke, who when he's faced with real danger, isn't all macho, but is totally freaking out over it...and yet, when the chips are down, and even though he's scared as hell, he'll still fight the good fight. (you can tell I'm talking about Countrycide, which is the episode that turned Torchwood into must see TV, and Ianto Jones into the leader of my personal fantasy harem!)
Granted, he's grown braver and more confident in S2, but he's still my hero!

5) NCIS, pick one and only one character though.
Jimmy Palmer. He's frequently overlooked, both by fans and characters, but to me he's one of the reasons I watch the show. Again, as with Ianto, Jimmy is more of an ordinary character. He's not the big brave hero type. He'll get scared when there's danger, but he'll still conquer his fear and step up to the plate when necessary. And to me, that's more admirable than the hero archetype, the big macho man who doesn't feel the fear in the first place.
(the fact that Brian Dietzen is easy on the eyes, is pure coincidence ;-)

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