ceindreadh (ceindreadh) wrote,

Birthdays and vouchers and headdesk

On more than one occasion growing up, I'd have been given gift vouchers or tokens or money for birthday presents. Since my birthday is early December, I was always 'encouraged' to avoid spending anything before Christmas on the grounds that (a) I might end up buying something already earmarked as a Christmas present or (b) I might get more vouchers/tokens/money at Christmas to put with the birthday ones.

It's a habit I've never grown out of, only this year I wish I had.
Why? Because I got Zavvi vouchers for my birthday and the bloody company's after going into liquidation, which means that I and any other gift card/voucher holders are bottom on a long list of creditors and may or may not get a cent back.

Yay to my bosses though who gave us 'one4all' vouchers from the post office because there's so many places that take them that they can't all go bust!

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