ceindreadh (ceindreadh) wrote,

New Year Resolutions

So it's time to look at last years resolutions and make a

Lets see, as for last year.
1. Well I did update my LJ, on a semi regular basis, but I could probably do better.

2. Hmm, I think this one could count as a yes.

Office Party 2007

Self portrait 2009 (yes I figured out the time delay on the camera!)

3. Yes, well, punctuality has never been my strong point (I was a week late for my own birth, and things haven't improved since!)

4. Well my office was tidy when I left it in December, as was my bedroom. Can't say it'll be still that way after a few more days, but I live in hope!

So my resolutions for 2009.
1. Keep posting to Livejournal
2. Keep off the weight I lost and tone up what's left.
3 & 4 - same as last year
5. Try and pay off my credit cards. I did manage to sort out my Credit Union loan, but I'd like to end the year owing less than I started with.


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