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Meme - exercise

Your result for The Exercise Personality Test...


0% Patience, 1% Experience and 21% Independence!

You are an enthusiastic person who has the self-reliance necessary to take on basically any type of exercise. You may be just getting started, so you want to start with something simple. However, with your energy and independence, you do still need somewhat of a challenge. Taking up Swimming would be a great way for you to start seriously working on your body and physical health.

Swimming is a type of exercise everyone can enjoy, and because it is low-impact, it is especially helpful for those who have physical limitations or find other types of exercise painful. Swimming is beneficial in other ways, as well - it works more muscles than many other types of exercise, including shoulders, abs, and glutes. It's an excellent way to build strength and endurance while also engaging your body in cardiovascular exercise. Many swimmers also find their time in the water to be a relieving break from everyday life.

Other types of exercise you may enjoy include walking, jogging, and yoga.

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Interesting. I've always enjoyed swimming, even though I hated putting my face in the water and never quite got the hang of breathing properly through it.
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