ceindreadh (ceindreadh) wrote,

The Friday Five - 24th October 2008

When did you last...
1. scrounge for change (couch, ashtray, ect) to make a purchase?

Within the last few weeks, I needed change for a train and dug around in the bottom of my handbag. There's usually a few euro coins in there from when I take them out of the shopping trolley.

2. visit a dentist?
Last month. I do go at least once a year.

3. make a needed change to your life?

Last November, I joined Unislim. So far I've lost 5 stone.

4. decide on a complete menu well in advance of the evening meal?

Quite frequently actually, mainly because I'm usually trying to make sure that I won't go over my unit limit for the day. But then again, my evening meals are usually single course events, so there's not really a lot of 'menu' involved.

5. spend part of the day (other than daily hygiene) totally/mostly naked?
Probably never. I might walk from my bedroom to the bathroom naked, but that's about it. I don't even like lounging around in pyjamas/dressing gown during the day. (it's different if it's in the evening)
Tags: friday-five

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