ceindreadh (ceindreadh) wrote,


Things that I learned on my mini-excursion around Ireland earlier this week.

1. If you are in a cave and it's raining outside, your chances of getting wet inside the cave are pretty high - especially when the caves have been formed in part by water dripping through limestone. Aillwee Caves

2. While shoes with high heels might be the finishing touch to your outfit for a medieval banquet, they aren't really the most suitable footwear to be going up and down stone steps in the castle. Bunratty Castle

3. When driving through a city that you haven't visited in 20 years, directions scribbled down from Google maps or aaroadwatch route planner, are no substitute for an actual paper map. (3 garages I pulled in to before I found one that actually sold the dratted things)

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